Picture of the Day : Naco, Arizona/Mexico

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Volley Ball over the American/Mexican border

Volley Ball over the American/Mexican border

I am rather appalled as to what has been happening recently and is still happening as we continue to live.

All these people stuck on boats while governments debate whether to welcome them or not, dying at sea by the hundreds, fleeing their countries risking their lives doing so, seeking a refuge in the glorified images of their target host countries.

At my tiny level, any action, if not worthless, remains unseen. I won't pretend to know anything about governing a country or world peace and safety, but I'm sure that some sort of agreement can be reached without anyone looking like a fool.

I just don't understand why any one would show so much reluctance at the prospect of saving someone's life.

So here's a touching, make-you-smile picture of Americans and Mexicans people playing Volleyball game in Naco, Arizona/Mexico over a silly border that looks like a backyard fence.

Nature has not put borders between us, our fears have.

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